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Independence, personalization, transparency and professionalism.

ADEFI is the association that groups the authorized Financial Entities in the Principality of Andorra under the name of Financial Investment Entity according to the definition of the second paragraph of Article 3 of the “Law 7/2013 of May 9 , on the legal regime of the operating entities of the Andorran financial system and other provisions that regulate the exercise of activities in the Principality of Andorra"

Depending on its authorizations the ADEFI is integrated by:

  • žFinancial Investment Companies
  • Financial Investment Agencies
  • ž Wealth Management Companies
  • Financial Advisors
  • OIC Management Companies

What we do

The association pursues the following objectives:


Ensure the general interests of the member Financial Entities and exercise their collective representation.


Promote the improvement of the quality of the services offered by the profession and improve its technical standards.


Ensure transparency in the application of contractual conditions and fees to clients.


Looking for the compliance of the inherent deontological norms in the profession.


Promote cooperation between its members and the entire financial sector, while respecting the exercise of reciprocal competition.


Collaborate with the different public administrations, particularly as a regular interlocutor of the technical bodies of the Government of Andorra, Superior Commission of Finance and Andorran Financial Authority (AFA) for questions of interest in the sector.


Fight with legal means available against intrusion in the profession.


Any other purpose that is inherent to its due by the nature of a professional association.